What Are Some Treatments for a Sore and Swollen Eyelid?


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Treatments for sore, swollen eyelids depend on the cause, but antibiotics, eye drops, ointments and antihistamines are commonly used as treatment, claims EyeHealthWeb.com. Avoiding rubbing and touching the eyelid, applying a cold compress, increasing water consumption and avoiding salt and artificial sweeteners are additional ways to treat sore, swollen eyelids.

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Allergies, conjunctivitis, styes and eye injuries are common causes of swollen eyelids. Improper use of contacts, blepharitis, ocular herpes and Grave's disease are also causes, claims All About Vision.

Avoiding eye irritants, increasing vitamin intake and getting an adequate amount of sleep are some ways to reduce swelling eyelids. Using polycarbonate eyeglasses that have UV protection is another way to prevent sore swollen eyelids, says EyeHealthWeb.com

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