What Are Some Treatments for Skin Dermatitis?


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Some treatments for skin dermatitis include using topical ointments and shampoos containing tar and salicylic acid, medications, moisturizing lotion and support stockings, explains WebMD. The treatment depends on the type of skin dermatitis.

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What Are Some Treatments for Skin Dermatitis?
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An individual with seborrheic dermatitis gets flaky skin on the scalp, WebMD states. Treatment options include dandruff shampoos or products that contain chemicals such as tar, salicylic acid, selenium, sulfur and zinc. Contact dermatitis is a condition resulting from contact with certain chemicals or compounds. Medications can help to relieve the itching and redness that occur. However, the best treatment is to avoid the chemical that is triggering the dermatitis.

Nummular dermatitis can be treated with a lotion containing corticosteroid cream that reduces redness and swelling, according to WebMD. Allergic contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction that must be treated by determining the trigger so that the individual can avoid it. Antihistamines can also be used to treat severe symptoms, such as itching. Stasis dermatitis is caused by swelling in the legs. While support stockings can help to reduce swelling, often the best way to treat this condition is to treat the underlying cause of the swelling. Dermatitis causes itchiness that can result in infections. Treatment then includes antibiotics for the infection.

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