What Are Some Treatments for Sinus Cancer?


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Surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are three types of standard treatments doctors use for sinus cancer, as stated by WebMD. The specific treatment or combination of treatments that is used depends on the stage and location of the sinus cancer. Cancer research also provides clinical trials as a way to test new kinds of treatment.

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Sinus cancer is a cancer of the neck and head, where malignancy develops in paranasal sinus cells of various types. Squamous cell carcinoma is one common type of paranasal sinus cancer. This condition develops when the flat, thin cells, or squamous cells, inside of the sinuses become cancerous. Other types of sinus cancers include melanoma, or cancer of the melanocytes, sarcoma, which begins in the connective tissue or muscle, and midline granulomas, which is a cancer that begins in the center of the face.

Treatments for the various stages of sinus cancer depend on the location of the cancer. Stage one sinus cancers usually call for surgery, radiation therapy or a combination of both. Stage two and stage three sinus cancers usually call for the same, with chemotherapy added in some cases, and possibly more aggressive radiation therapy. In addition to the standard treatments, a clinical trial treatment may be available. These treatments are part of research studies designed to improve treatment and open up new treatment possibilities. Once a clinical trial demonstrates that a treatment is superior to standard treatments, the clinical trial treatment may itself become standard.

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