What Are Some Treatments for a Pulled Oblique Muscle?

Some treatments for a pulled oblique muscle are simply to rest the muscle and let the inflammation ease, says About.com. For the first 48 hours after the muscle is first pulled, the patient should apply an ice pack to it.

Ice packs can be applied as often as every 15 minutes, says Sports Injury Clinic. The patient should rest until the muscle is no longer painful, which may take a few days to three weeks depending on the extent of the strain. The patient's doctor may also prescribe NSAIDs such as ibuprofen to further reduce inflammation.

The patient should apply a heating pad before activities to relax the muscle, says About.com. He can also benefit from gentle stretching exercises, but again not to the point of pain. If this treatment doesn't ease the symptoms or if the pain is severe enough to keep the patient up at night, he should be evaluated by his physician.

For more severe strains, a physical therapist may use electrotherapy to help the muscle heal, says Sports Injury Clinic. The physiotherapist also uses massage, and the patient can take on core-strengthening exercises such as abdominal and twisting crunches, planks, and abdominal rollers. If the injury keeps coming back, the physician may treat it with steroid injections and have the patient rest for a couple of weeks. In severe cases, surgery is an option.