What Are Some Treatments for a Prolapsed Bladder?


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The treatments for a prolapsed bladder include pessary insertion and surgery, according to MedicineNet. Estrogen replacement therapy is another possible treatment for a prolapsed bladder, as WebMD reports. The treatment option depends on the patient's age, overall health condition, the extent of prolapsed bladder and patient preference.

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A pessary is a device inserted into the vagina to help secure the bladder in its position, as MedicineNet explains. It's suitable for treating moderate symptoms of a prolapsed bladder. To prevent pessaries from causing infections and ulcers, it is best to remove and clean them on a regular basis.

Surgery is suitable for a severe prolapsed bladder, states MedicineNet. It involves making an incision in the vaginal wall to access the bladder and then placing and securing the bladder in its normal place.

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