What Are the Best Treatments for Problems With the SI (sacroiliac) Joints?


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Rest, physical therapy and over-the-counter pain medications are simple treatments for those suffering from sacroiliac joint issues, according to About.com. If the issues are not cleared up with those treatments, cortisone injections or surgery may be appropriate.

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The first step in the treatment of sacroiliac joint issues is rest, explains About.com. Refraining from unnecessary activity such as sports and allowing the joint to heal may be the only treatment needed. If the pain is moderate to severe, an individual with sacroiliac joint issues might also find relief by using over-the-counter pain medications to not only ease the pain, but also the inflammation.

If the sacroiliac joint issues are ongoing following rest and medication, an individual may attempt physical therapy, states About.com. By working with a physical therapist, an individual may be able to strengthen the muscles in the lower back and around the sacroiliac joint. This helps to increase flexibility as well. In the rare case that these treatments do not help the sacroiliac joint issues, a cortisone shot may be recommended by a doctor. This shot is delivered directly to the joint, and it can help to further reduce inflammation. Surgery is the final treatment option for those suffering from sacroiliac joint issues, and it permanently stabilizes the joint.

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