What Are Some Treatments for Petechiae?

Treatments for petechiae include taking prescription medicine, discontinuing or changing existing prescription medicines, and allowing the condition to heal on its own at home, according to Healthline. These treatments help stop the bleeding as well as get rid of the existing infection.

People who have petechiae must prevent further problems at home by keeping skin safe. Petechiae patients should apply pressure to any cuts immediately to ensure that the bleeding stops, reports MedlinePlus. Petechiae patients should also avoid pulling on their skin, hitting their skin against objects, and any other form of skin manipulation.

In some cases medications are necessary to treat petechiae, according to Healthline. If a patient notices bleeding anywhere on the skin without reason or if there are bruises that are not healing, then the patient needs to see a doctor immediately, reports MedlinePlus. In some cases, petechiae can indicate a greater issue, and doctors ask many questions to determine whether or not another underlying issue is present. Questions include whether or not another member of the family has a bleeding disorder, whether or not the bleeding skin area itches or burns, and whether or not the patient has recently played contact sports or used heavy machinery, according to Healthline.