What Are Some Treatments for Patellar Tendonitis?


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Treatments for patellar tendinitis include medication, physical therapy and surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. Doctors usually begin with lesser treatments before moving on to more advanced methods.

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Mayo Clinic notes that ibuprofen-based medicines are effective treatment options for patellar tendinitis as are naproxen drugs; however, these medications only provide short-term alleviation of pain. There are several physical therapy techniques to consider. For instance, periodic stretching exercises add length to the tendon muscles and reduce muscle spasms. Strength exercises invigorate weaker muscles. Eccentric exercises involve slowly lowering the knee and extending the knee outward. A patellar tendon strap is a device that places pressure on the patellar tendon but diverts stress away from the tendon and onto the strap itself.

Mayo Clinic claims that another therapy is iontophoresis; a corticosteroid medicine is applied on the skin and a device is used to push the medicine into the skin. A corticosteroid injection is a surgical procedure for relieving pain, but this type of injection makes the tendons weaker and more prone to rupture. Basic surgery may be necessary when all else fails and involves issuing minor incisions around the knee. A platelet-rich plasma injection is a method that promotes tissue formation around the tendon, but this method is in the experimental phase.

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