What Are Some Treatments for Pain on the Right Side of the Head?


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The best treatment for pain on the right side of the head depends on the cause of it. Tension and cluster headaches and migraines can each cause pain on the right side of the head, according to WebMD. Pain medications or lifestyle changes may be useful treatments for head pain.

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Medications can provide symptom relief or provide abortive or preventive therapy, according to WebMD. There are numerous types of medications used to treat headaches and migraines. Some drugs are also effective for providing relief of symptoms such as nausea or vomiting that are result of head pain.

Drugs used for abortive therapy are intended to stop the pain of a migraine or headache, and may be taken as a self-injection, orally, in a skin patch or as a nasal spray. These drugs generally work very quickly. Alternatively, preventive drugs are used to prevent a migraine or headache and some are taken daily to decrease the frequency and severity of head pain. Preventive treatment may be recommended if pain occurs frequently, and if the symptoms are severe.

Pain may be a managed with medication or may be used in combination with lifestyle changes such as relaxation and exercise therapies. Additionally, Botox injections are sometimes used as a migraine and headache treatment, according to WebMD.

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