What Are Some Treatments for Pain of the Coccyx?


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Treatments for coccydynia, or pain in the coccyx, include rest, anti-inflammatory medications and pain medications as well as the use of padded seats and the avoidance of sitting for long periods of time, according to MedicineNet. When rash or bruising accompanies the pain, it is time to seek medical attention.

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Frequently, resting the affected area and ensuring that a repeated injury does not happen can help the pain go away, especially in combination with anti-inflammatory medications and pain medicine, states MedicineNet. Resting on a cushion, buttock support or pillow is often helpful as well. When these remedies fall to ease the pain, a local cortisone injection from a doctor can bring significant pain relief and sometimes keep the pain from returning.

Some patients with coccyx pain go through physical therapy that involves exercises that bring recovery to that part of the body, according to MedicineNet. In extreme cases that feature pain that simply does not stop, a surgeon can perform a resection of the coccyx, which involves removing the irritated part of the bone. After this procedure, the pain should resolve immediately. Physical therapy and surgery for coccydynia are much less common than a regimen involving rest, padding and pain medicines.

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