What Are Some Treatments for Numbness in Your Limbs?


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Treatments for numbness of the limbs depends on the reason for the numbness, explains the New York Times. For instance, numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome can include wrapping and splinting the affected limb, exercising the wrists or undergoing surgery for severe ligament damage.

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One reason for numbness in the extremities is diabetes, states the New York Times. The disease raises blood sugar levels to toxic amounts, harming the blood vessels in the limbs and impairing circulation. This causes numbness. Diabetics can treat this numbness by making healthy changes such as eating healthy foods, managing their blood sugar levels and exercising frequently.

Raynaud's disease causes blood circulation problems in the fingers and toes, making them feel numb, according to the New York Times. This lack of blood circulation causes the fingers and toes feel numb and turn white or blue. Once full circulation returns, the limbs tingle and hurt. Treatments include wearing warm gloves and socks and avoiding temperature extremes.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system, causing limbs and other parts of the body to feel numb or tingle, says the New York Times. Although there is no cure, the symptoms can be treated with a healthy lifestyle, vitamin supplements and medications.

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