What Are Some Treatments for Nasal Blood Clots?


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Some treatments for nosebleeds and nasal blood clots include self-treating at home by pinching your nose shut until the bleeding stops, applying a cold compress to your nose and using a nasal decongestant spray to close the small blood vessels, according to Healthline. Nasal blood clots result from nosebleeds.

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To stop a nosebleed, pinch your nose shut while sitting up and leaning forward, but do not do so while lying down because that may cause you to swallow blood, as Healthline explains. Do this for 10 minutes at a time until the bleeding stops. If self-treatment does not work to stop the nosebleed, see a doctor.

A doctor administers different treatments depending on the cause of the nosebleed. For example, if a foreign object in the nose is causing the bleeding, the doctor can remove the object. For persistent or frequent nosebleeds, the doctor may decide to use cauterization, which has the doctor burn the blood vessels in your nose with silver nitrate or a heating device to stop the bleeding, according to Healthline.

A doctor can also recommend medication changes to help prevent nosebleeds. For example, large doses of aspirin can cause nosebleeds, and antihistamines and decongestants can dry out the nasal membranes, which can also cause nosebleeds, as Healthline indicates.

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