What Are Some Treatments for Migraine Auras?


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Treatments for migraines with auras include staying in a quiet, dark room; using a cold compress; and taking pain medication and analgesics, according to WebMD. Another treatment option is a transcranial magnetic stimulator, a device that sends magnetic energy through the back of the skull into the brain to reduce pain.

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It is possible to prevent a migraine with an aura by taking certain steps with medication or by avoiding certain triggers, explains WebMD. As of 2015, medication is on the market that can prevent migraines, including beta-blockers, antidepressants, ergot derivatives and antihistamines. Doctors may also advise patients to take anticonvulsants such as Depakote or use the Cefaly device. This device is the first approved by the Food and Drug Administration for preventing migraines in patients over 18. It is portable and sends electrical impulses through the skin of the forehead, which brings stimulation to the nerve that brings on migraines.

Doctors also suggest that migraines with an aura are preventable by keeping a diary to track the headaches, reports WebMD. In this case, the diary helps a patient take note of any triggers. Each entry must include the time and day of the headache, along with information such as the food the person ate, medication taken and any participatory activities. It can take about eight weeks to see the triggers and patterns from a diary.

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