What Are Some Treatments for a Meniscus Tear?

What Are Some Treatments for a Meniscus Tear?

Some of the treatments available for a meniscus tear include physical therapy, rest and surgery. Doctors usually carry out various examinations before recommending the best treatment for the condition, notes WebMD.

A meniscus tear usually occurs when an individual forcefully twists the knee or hyper-flexes the joint. An individual with this condition may experience various symptoms including swelling of the knee, painful sensations around the affected area and popping.

Individuals that suffer mild meniscus tears may get well if they get plenty of rest and allow the knee joint to heal. Placing ice packs on the affected area may help relieve pain and prevent inflammation. Elevating the knee in order to reposition the joint is another option that may work effectively for those with mild tears.

Physical therapy is another treatment option that may be used to treat this condition. Mild stretching and massages can easily help relieve pain and correct the twisted joint back into position.

If doctors believe the meniscus tear is severe, surgery may be required. One type of surgery involves partial removal of the torn tendon. A second type of surgery may involve sewing together the torn tendon, while a third type may involve complete removal of the entire meniscus, according to MedicineNet.