What Are Some Treatments for Lumbar Scoliosis?

Medications, bracing and surgery are all treatments for scoliosis of the spine, according to WebMD. Regular exercise and proper care of the back can also help eliminate the pain that comes with scoliosis.

The pain of scoliosis occurs due to the curve of the spine pressing against the nerves, discs and muscles, explains WebMD. Medication is one way to treat this pain, and some common choices include ibuprofen and aspirin. Though medication doesn't cure scoliosis, it is usually part of the treatment plan. For children who have scoliosis, bracing is a treatment method. This helps to prevent the curve from becoming worse as the child grows.

Surgery is an option for severe scoliosis, reports WebMD. Surgery involves the stabilization of the spine and may permanently fuse the spine together. There are several options for surgery, the most common of which involves attaching rods to the spine and fusing it all together. Spinal fusion stabilizes and reduces the size of the curve and stops the curve from worsening.

It is also possible to surgically implement a rod into the body without fusing it to the bone, claims WebMD. These rods stabilize the curve but do not stop the bone from growing. This surgery is usually only for children who are still growing, and the child must wear a brace following the surgery.