What Are the Best Treatments for Lower Back Pain?


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For mild lower back pain treatment may involve use of cold packs, painkillers and strengthening exercises. For chronic lower back pain, it may be necessary to use prescription drugs and surgery when the issue involves nerve or structural damage. An estimated 80 percent of all adults experience lower back pain at some point in their life, as stated by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

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What Are the Best Treatments for Lower Back Pain?
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The most effective treatment for lower back pain depends on its cause. If the back pain is caused by muscle strain or injury, the best treatment may involve the use of ice packs to soothe the affected area. Instead of resting, engaging in mild exercise or activity can help relieve patients from back pain in certain instances. However, people should avoid activity that seems to aggravate the pain.

Physical therapy is another form of treatment that may be used on patients whose condition does not seem to resolve after a short while. Therapy generally involves posture training, select exercises and massage to help ease pain.

Back pain can also be treated by the use of over-the-counter painkillers or prescription drugs in cases when the pain is severe. If the pain is caused by nerve or structural damage, it may be necessary for doctors to perform back surgery to correct the underlying issue.

Eating a healthy diet, engaging in regular exercise, posture training and managing body weight are some of the factors that can help reduce the chances of getting lower back pain, according to WebMD.

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