What Are Treatments for Lip Blisters?


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Treatments for lip blisters, or cold sores, include applying topical medications, taking oral pills, using medicated mouthwash and fortifying the diet with supplements and vitamins such as vitamin C, which helps build the immune system. Cold sores develop from a virus, commonly known as the herpes simplex virus, or HSV. Cold sores have bothersome symptoms and may cause pain, but typically diminish on their own without further treatment.

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What Are Treatments for Lip Blisters?
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While some people prefer letting cold sores resolve on their own, others seek medical treatment. People with painful first outbreaks or those with recurring cold sores often welcome clinical remedies. Those experiencing first outbreaks of cold sores see some symptom relief with oral antiviral medications, according to WebMD. These medications prove most effective when started just after initial cold sore symptoms, such as itching and burning, begin and before crusty sores appear. Those with frequent cold sore recurrences or weak immune systems typically take long-term daily doses of oral medicine.

In addition to oral medication, some physicians prescribe topical creams and ointments. These remedies alleviate burning and itching and reduce the duration of the cold sore. Some adults and older children find relief through medicated prescription mouth washes. Vitamin C, lysine and lemon balm serve as popular complementary sources of relief. Vitamin C is available in pill or topical form, while people take lysine orally and apply lemon balm topically.

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