What Are the Treatments for Lewy Body Disease?


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The treatment for Lewy body disease is usually difficult and there exists no cure for this condition, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Usually, the treatment is focused on easing the symptoms of the condition. It involves the use of medication, therapies and lifestyle changes that help to improve a person's life quality.

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Medications for Alzheimer's disease, such as rivastigmine, can be used to help in elevating the levels of chemical messengers, which are necessary for memory and judgment. They can help to improve alertness and ease hallucinations. However, they can have several side effects, including increase urination and excessive salivation. Parkinson's medications can also be used to reduce some symptoms, but tend to cause confusion and delusions. Reducing noise in the environment of a Lewy body disease can help in improving their focus and concentration, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Tasks performed by such patients should be broken into smaller tasks to ensure success.

Regular exercise helps to improve physical function and reduces the symptoms of depression. Participating in games and other thinking activities help to slow down mental decline. Improving communication with Lewy body disease patients is also necessary. This involves maintaining eye contact while talking to them and talking in simple, clear sentences.

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