What Are Treatments for Lesions on the Liver?


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Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, drug therapy, surgery and liver transplant are some treatments for lesions on the liver, according to Cleveland Clinic. Benign lesions may not require treatment, notes Sutter Health CPMC.

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Physicians often discover masses on the liver during patient evaluations for some other issue, explains Sutter Health CPMC. If doctors identify a lesion as being noncancerous, they do not recommend any specific treatment.

Doctors may treat metastatic lesions in the liver that have spread from cancer in another part of the body with chemotherapy delivered orally or intravenously, states Sutter Health CPMC. Transarterial chemoembolization uses a catheter to deliver the chemotherapy directly to the liver. Doctors may treat small metastatic tumors with radiofrequency ablation, which delivers radiofrequency energy to cancer cells to kill them. Surgical removal of the diseased portion of the liver is another option for patients well enough to withstand the procedure.

For liver lesions caused by primary liver cancer, doctors use the same treatments as those used for metastatic lesions, but they may also employ radiation therapy, drug therapy and/or liver transplant, states Cleveland Clinic. To be eligible to receive a liver transplant, the lesions must be small, the cancer must be confined to the liver and a living or deceased donor must be available.

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