What Are the Treatments of Leg Swelling?


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Treatments for leg swelling include elevating the leg, losing weight through exercising or eating a low-fat diet, and wearing support stockings, according to MedlinePlus. Other remedies include taking breaks, diuretics and avoiding tight clothing around the thighs.

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The causes of swollen legs include being overweight, having a blood clot in the leg, aging and infection, explains MedlinePlus. Weak veins in the leg that are unable to pump blood to the heart may also be to blame. It is also possible that swelling can occur from an injury, sitting too long, or conditions such as heart, kidney or liver failure.

Though many instances of leg swelling are treated at home, there are times when a person should see a doctor, advises MedlinePlus. People who have liver, kidney or heart disease who experience swelling in the legs or abdomen often need to see a doctor. Those with swelling accompanied by red, hot skin or a fever, or women who are pregnant and have sudden swelling in the legs, should also see a doctor. If a person is experiencing shortness of breath or chest pain accompanying leg swelling, 911 should be contacted. Diagnosis of leg swelling typically includes tests such as blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound, urinalysis and electrocardiograms.

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