What Are Some Treatments for an Itchy Scalp?


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One treatment for an itchy scalp includes using over-the-counter shampoo containing selenium. For acute cases of dandruff and itchiness, other treatments include medicated foam, prescription-strength antifungal shampoo or ointment for the best results, states the Cleveland Clinic. Salicylic acid or a topical cortisone prescribed by a physician treats psoriasis, a skin disorder that causes scaly patches and itching.

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A home remedy for itchiness caused by psoriasis involves dabbing the scalp with a solution containing equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar. Rinse the scalp after a few minutes to prevent irritation, says Everyday Health. Antifungal formulations such as terbinafine hydrochloride help alleviate itchiness caused by ringworms, and for optimal effect, doctors may recommend taking this medication with high-fat foods, such as peanut butter, for about six weeks, explains Healthline. Doctors prescribe medicated shampoos containing selenium sulfide, an antifungal ingredient, to curb the spread of ringworms and stop itchiness, as well.

Pyrethrin-containing shampoos eliminate head lice that are responsible for an itchy scalp. Using the shampoo formula according to the treatment protocol provides greater effectiveness, advises the Cleveland Clinic. Treating underlying causes of itchiness, such as stress, by making lifestyle changes, adopting a healthy diet and using coping strategies designed to alleviate anxiety also offers relief, notes the Calm Clinic.

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