What Are the Treatments for Intestinal Blockage?


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Treatment options for intestinal blockage depend on whether the blockage is partial or complete, according to WebMD. Physicians may recommend a low-fiber diet to help patients break down and digest a partial blockage. A complete blockage requires surgery to remove the materials stuck in the intestine, explains Mayo Clinic.

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Patients need to check in to a hospital when experiencing prolonged abdominal or intestinal pain to complete an abdominal X-ray or CT scan. These scans help to determine the causes and possible treatment options, notes WebMD. Liquid or air enemas may be used to force the blockage through the intestine. Additional treatments for partial and complete intestinal blockage include surgery to implant a mesh stent to open the area around the blockage.

To reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the blockage, physicians may place a nasogastric tube through the patient's nose and into the stomach to remove excess air and fluids, states Mayo Clinic. This procedure may be enough to treat partial intestinal blockage. To treat a complete intestinal blockage, surgical procedures are performed to remove the blockage and any damaged parts of the intestine. The exact surgical procedure depends on the location of the blockage and if there is damage to the patient's intestine.

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