What Are Some Treatments for Hydrocephalus?


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Treatments for hydrocephalus include endoscopic third ventriculostomy and shunt surgeries, claims Mayo Clinic. A pediatric neurologist may also offer additional treatment, especially for children with hydrocephalus.

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With an endoscopic third ventriculostomy, the surgeon uses a tiny video camera to access direct vision inside the brain. This is done by making a hole between the ventricles or at the bottom of one of the ventricles to allow cerebrospinal fluid to flow out of the brain. Shunt surgery involves the surgical insertion of a drainage system, which is referred to as a shunt. It is a flexible, long tube with a valve that keeps the brain fluid flowing correctly and in the proper direction, states Mayo Clinic.

A pediatric neurologist who specializes in the diagnosis as well as treatment of neurological disorders in kids can offer additional treatment for children suffering from hydrocephalus, explains Mayo Clinic.

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