What Are Some Treatments for Hearing Loss?


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Hearing loss stemming from infections, fluid or blockages in the ear canal or head trauma are often treated with medication and surgery to correct the passage of sound through the ears, explains the University of San Francisco Medical Center. Hearing loss treatment may also involve a cochlear implant, hearing aids, assistive listening devices and aural rehabilitation.

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Individuals with irreversible hearing loss can opt for cochlear implants that involve surgically inserting an electronic device in the ear to improve hearing, according to the University of San Francisco Medical Center. While an implant may not restore hearing to normal, it may aid in better understanding or comprehending communication.

Hearing aids, which can be removed from the ear, are also a common form of treatment that can be adjusted after consultation with an audiologist or as hearing loss worsens, explains the University of San Francisco Medical Center. Assistive listening devices serve as aids for people with hearing loss and may include amplified telephones, conference microphones or television listening systems with closed captions. Patients can also opt for audiologic rehabilitation classes that help them learn listening and communication strategies with the use of signaling and text display systems, hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

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