What Are Some Treatments for Hangnail Infections?


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Treatments for hangnail infections include soaking nails in hot water, oral antibiotics and anti-fungal medication, according to MedlinePlus. Hangnail infections, also known as paronychia, are usually related to injuries around the nail from biting, trimming or picking a hangnail.

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Hangnail infections can be caused by bacteria or fungus, explains MedlinePlus. Symptoms include a red, swollen and painful area around the nail and, in the case of bacterial infection, pus-filled blisters. Doctors prescribe oral antibiotics to treat bacterial infections and anti-fungal drugs to treat fungal infections. People with hangnail infections can soak their nails in hot water two to three times a day to reduce inflammation. In severe cases, doctors may cut and drain the sore or remove part of the nail.

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