What Are Some Treatments for a Furry Tongue?


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Practicing good oral hygiene and cutting down on the use of tobacco help to treat a furry tongue, according to Mayo Clinic. Avoiding medicines that contain bismuth may help as well. A person should consult with his doctor before stopping medication.

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Brushing teeth twice a day and after every meal aids in counteracting a furry tongue, states Mayo Clinic. Rinsing the mouth with water after every meal instead of brushing may help as well. Brushing the tongue gently with a flexible tongue scraper or toothbrush that has soft bristles helps to remove food debris, dead cells and bacteria. Flossing helps to wash out food particles. A furry tongue can heal without medical treatment.

Symptoms of furry tongue include a change of taste in the mouth and bad breath, explains Mayo Clinic. If papillae is extremely overgrown, a tickling and gagging sensation may occur. Medical care may help if good oral hygiene practices fail to reverse the problem. Poor oral hygiene, drinking hot beverages, altered bacterial content in the mouth after using antibiotics, dry mouth and using mouthwashes that contain astringent or oxidative agents cause the problem. Diagnosis aims at identifying or ruling out certain conditions, such as viral infections and fungal infections, that alter the color of the tongue.

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