What Are Some Treatments for Frostbite?


Frostbite demands emergency hospital care, with treatments that include warming the frostbitten areas safely, removing fluid-filled blisters, and applying antibiotics or protective gels, states WebMD. Stabilizing, bandaging and suspending frostbitten sections, and minimizing swelling with ibuprofen are part of the treatment process. Administering antibiotics and tetanus toxoid can stop infections.

Physicians may leave frostbite blood blisters intact, and as a patient experiences the return of feelings in the damaged area, they may administer opiates for pain relief, notes WebMD. To stimulate circulation in the tissue, a hospital may provide a patient with physical or whirlpool therapies. Within about 21 to 45 days from the injury date, physicians decide whether they must amputate damaged areas. Surgeons perform frostbite amputations as a last resort after confirming that the tissue is dead.