What Are Some Treatments for a Fractured Wrist?


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Some treatment options for a fractured wrist include immobilization, medication and physical therapy. The treatment depends on various factors, such as age, severity of injury, arthritis and prior injuries, notes the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

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The wrist is made up of certain bones and joints that allow the hand to move in different directions. When too much external pressure is applied to the wrist, the bones or joints may be injured severely and result in a fracture. Examples of actions that may cause a wrist fracture include accidents, falling onto a hard surface and twisting the wrist while playing a game. Conditions such as osteoarthritis may make the wrist bones brittle and more likely to fracture.

Individuals with a fractured wrist are likely to experience tenderness in the area affected. In severe cases, the wrist may become deformed, and a fractured wrist may start swelling. Other symptoms of a fracture include bruising, painful sensation in the area affected, impaired or inability to move one or more fingers and numbness.

Doctors may diagnose the condition by reviewing a patient's medical history as well as conducting a physical exam and imaging tests. Once diagnosed, doctors may prescribe certain medications to relieve pain and prevent infection. The wrist may require immobilization to hasten the healing process. In severe cases, surgery to insert devices into the affected area may be necessary, notes Mayo Clinic.

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