What Are Some Treatments for Forearm Pain?


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Treatments for forearm pain depend on the cause, such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome, according to WebMD. Treatments for both of these conditions include home remedies, medication and physical therapy.

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What Are Some Treatments for Forearm Pain?
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Forearm pain caused by tennis elbow is treated using home remedies such as ice, elbow straps, exercises or over-the-counter medications, WebMD explains. In this condition, the pain originates from the elbow and into the forearm. Putting ice on the elbow reduces pain and swelling. Elbow straps keep the tendon in place to prevent further pain. Medications such as ibuprofen lower pain and swelling in the forearm, but need to be monitored by a doctor for long-term use. Steroid injections improve short-term symptoms of forearm pain caused by tennis elbow.

Forearm pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome is treated using wrist splints, WebMD states. Physical therapy improves some symptoms of pain, including the use of ultrasounds, stretching and range-of-motion exercises. Surgery is used for carpal tunnel syndrome when all other treatments have proven ineffective.

Pain caused by golfer's elbow is treated with rest, ice and cortisone injections, Mayo Clinic says. Using the part of the arm that is in pain repetitively makes symptoms worse. Icing the area for 15 minutes three times per day decreases pain. If pain persists after six months, doctors sometimes recommend surgery to relieve the cause of the pain.

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