What Are Treatments for Fluid Trapped in the Inner Ear?


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Antibiotic ear drops or oral medication can clear up fluid trapped in the ear according to Healthline. Typically, cases clear up without use of medication or ear drops.

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What Are Treatments for Fluid Trapped in the Inner Ear?
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Avoiding infection by limiting contact with sick people can help to prevent ear infections and discharges. Foreign objects should be kept out of a person's ears to avoid rupturing the eardrum. Swimmer's ear can be prevented by thoroughly drying both ears after being in the water, according to Healthline. Water can also be drained out of the head by turning the head to the side. Over-the-counter medicated ear drops potentially help to control and alleviate swimmer's ear as well.

Ear discharge is known as any fluid that flows from the ear, states Healthline. While the ears naturally wax, conditions such as a ruptured ear drum can cause blood or other fluid to drain from the ears. Ear infections are a common cause of discharge from the ear. Infection occurs when bacteria or viruses enter the ear. Discharge can also be a result of trauma to the ear canal.

Inserting a Q-tip too deep into the ear is a typical cause of ear trauma, explains Healthline. Exposure to extremely loud music or increases in pressure can also result in trauma and cause the eardrum to rupture, tear and eventually leak. Swimmer's ear, caused by moisture breaking down the ear canal walls and allowing infections, is another common cause of discharge.

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