What Are Some Treatments for Fluid in the Abdomen From Liver Cancer?

What Are Some Treatments for Fluid in the Abdomen From Liver Cancer?

Fluid buildup in the abdomen can be treated by a change in lifestyle, certain medications and medical procedures. The condition in which fluid builds-up between the lining of the abdomen and abdominal organs is commonly referred to as ascites, notes the United States National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus.

Ascites occurs when the liver does not function optimally, notes Healthline. This can be caused by a number of conditions including liver cancer, alcoholic liver cirrhosis, peritonitis and congestive heart failure. The fluid that forms in this condition is often pale yellow and clear. Individuals with this condition may experience abdominal pain and bloating. If left untreated, the patient may develop shortness of breath.

Doctors diagnose this condition by asking the patient about the symptoms experienced. A medical history is recorded and certain tests ordered. Electrolyte levels, kidney function and liver function tests may help ascertain the situation.

The first line of treatment often involves a lifestyle adjustment. Doctors are likely to advice the patient to stop taking alcohol. The amount of salt in any diet is likely to be reduced. Fluid intake should also be limited to the amount recommended by the doctor.

To help deal with infections, doctors usually prescribe certain antibiotics. Excessive fluid in the body can be managed by the help of diuretic medications. In some cases, doctors may insert a tube into the belly in order to get rid of the fluid buildup. A special tube may also be inserted strategically to aid proper blood flow to the liver.