What Are Some Treatments for an Enlarged Liver Diagnosis?


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Treatments for an enlarged liver, known as hepatomegaly, depend on the underlying medical condition causing the liver damage and can include medication, surgery and lifestyle changes, according to Healthline. Hepatomegaly can be caused by liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis, as well as heart disease and cancer.

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All treatments for hepatomegaly aim to control and manage the causative medical condition behind the enlargement of the liver. Cirrhosis, a common cause of hepatomegaly, is incurable, but its symptoms can be managed through medication, lifestyle changes like abstention from alcohol, and surgery, reports WebMD. Hepatitis infections can also result in an enlarged liver, and while the disease cannot be fully cured, it can be controlled by medication thereby limiting the damage done to the liver, states WebMD.

Heart disease such as pericarditis can also lead to liver enlargement and can be treated with a combination of surgery and medications, notes Mayo Clinic. Alcoholic hepatitis, which also causes hepatomegaly, can be treated with medication, although alcohol abuse counseling as well as abstinence are crucial to recovery, states Healthline.

Other conditions leading to an enlarged liver are cancers including lymphoma and metastatic cancers originating in other parts of the body, according to Healthline. Without appropriate treatment of its base causes, hepatomegaly can result in death.

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