What Are Some Treatments for an Endometrial Cyst?


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Treatment options for endometrial cysts include observation and medical therapy, conservative surgery and complete removal of the organ containing the cyst, states Brigham and Women's Hospital. Monitoring and medical treatment are generally ineffective for endometrial cysts.

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Endometrial cysts, medically referred to as endometriomas, are dark-colored fluid-filled cavities that occur deep within the ovaries. Fertility experts typically recommend and provide treatment for women of reproductive age who develop this condition.

Conservative surgery for endometriomas involves initially examining a tissue sample extracted from the outgrowth. Drainage of the fluid and coagulation of the cyst normally follows. Partial removal of the cyst and laser therapy may also be performed. These methods provide long-term symptomatic relief, notes Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Surgeons may also perform an oophorectomy, which involves cutting out the entire ovary that contains the endometrial cyst. However, this procedure is not recommended for women of reproductive age.

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