What Are Treatments for the Early Stages of Renal Failure?


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When a chronic kidney disease progresses into renal failure, only two options are available for treatment: kidney transplantation and dialysis, as stated by MedlinePlus. Renal failure indicates the loss of the kidneys' ability to filter metabolic waste products to maintain a healthy body.

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Kidney-related diseases generally do not manifest symptoms until the late stages, as stated by Dr. Andrew Narva of the National Kidney Disease Education Program. Early detection and treatment may delay or arrest the development of renal failure. However, when renal failure occurs, damage is often permanent.

Dialysis can be of two forms: hemodialysis or peritoneal. Hemodialysis uses an external device to filter blood, while peritoneal dialysis uses the protective layer of the abdominal walls, according to Medicine Net. A kidney transplantation is a surgical procedure that removes and replaces the failed organs with a healthy kidney.

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