What Are Treatments for Dry, White Tongue?

What Are Treatments for Dry, White Tongue?

Treatments for dry, white tongue vary depending on what is causing the issue, according to WebMD. If the dry, white tongue is caused by Leukoplakia, treatment can consist of discontinuing alcohol and tobacco use.

Treatment for leukoplakia can also include removing the spots with a laser or scalpel. This treatment, however, should only be performed by a doctor or dentist. In severe cases, a person might need to take antiviral medications to treat the white patches. Leukoplakia is caused by the overgrowth of cells in the mouth.

If the dry, white tongue is due to oral thrush, treatment can consist of eating plain yogurt or taking medications designed to treat the condition. Oral thrush is most common in infants, and it is caused by a yeast infection. Thrush can also affect other parts of the body.

Oral lichen planus can also cause a dry, white tongue. The exact cause of this condition is unknown, but it often goes away on its own after time. To help speed up the process, persons affected should practice good oral hygiene and stop smoking.

All white patches that does not go away on their own or with medication should be checked by a doctor because they can indicate oral cancer.