What Are the Treatments for Diverticulosis?


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Treatments for diverticulosis include undertaking a high-fiber diet to prevent the formation, or further formation, of diverticula, according to WebMD. In severe cases, surgery may be required to repair or prevent damage resulting from complications of the condition.

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People with diverticulosis may experience no symptoms and require only a high-fiber diet to prevent diverticula from forming, notes WebMD. In other cases, diverticulosis can cause serious complications arising out of tears or perforations in the wall of the intestines, causing waste material to infiltrate the area around the intestine leading to abscesses, peritonitis and obstructions, all of which may require surgery to repair. Preventing or reducing the complications of diverticular disease involves maintaining regular bowel movements, eating the correct kind and amount of fiber, drinking ample amounts of water and engaging in regular exercise.

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