What Are Some Treatments for Diaper Rash on Adults?

Home treatment for diaper rash on adults wearing incontinence briefs includes keeping the skin dry by changing the brief when it is wet and soiled and ensuring the skin is not in contact with stool or urine, explains WebMD. Adults should use a disposable diaper that is super absorbent to keep the skin dry.

Adults with diaper rash should gently wash the skin with a soft cloth and water, according to WebMD. The skin should be rinsed well and dried completely, and adults should avoid using soap or baby wipes that contain propylene glycol or alcohol to prevent spreading bacteria on the skin or worsening the rash.

Treatment for adult diaper rash also includes protecting the skin with creams such as A+D Ointment, zinc oxide, Diaparene or Desitin, notes WebMD. Creams should not be applied to broken skin. Individuals with diaper rash should drink clear fluids to make the urine less concentrated and leave diapers or briefs off as much as possible to allow the skin to fully dry and breathe.

Diaper rash that persists in adults can be treated by soaking in a warm bath for at least 10 minutes, three times each day, according to WebMD. Adults can also use sitz powder in a bath to help heal diaper rash.