What Are the Treatments for Demodex Mites?

At-home treatment of demodex mites is done using tea tree oil shampoos, scrubs and ointments, along with preventative measures, reports Medscape. In the office, mercury oxide is commonly used, but a treatment of ether with proparacaine and alcohol is also used frequently.

Tea tree oil products are the common treatment for demodex mites at home, according to Medscape. Tea tree oil shampoos should be used daily, and the face and neck need to be scrubbed using tea tree oil-based washes and soaps. An ointment of 5 percent tea tree oil is applied to the eyelids and surrounding skin to prevent infestation of these areas. Clothing, bedding and makeup kits need to be discarded, and spouses and pets should be examined and treated for mites.

Tea tree oil products are also used in the medical office, reports Medscape. A solution of 50 percent tea tree oil and 50 percent macadamia nut oil is applied to the affected area with a drop of tetracaine. Ether or other volatile compounds are vigorously applied with a solution of 0.5 percent proparacaine and then rinsed with 70 percent alcohol to kill mites. Physicians also apply mercury oxide to the roots of hair to trap mites as they leave follicles.