What Are Some Treatments to Decrease Stomach Acid?

What Are Some Treatments to Decrease Stomach Acid?

H2 receptor blockers and proton pump inhibitors reduce the production of stomach acid, according to Mayo Clinic. Both types of these medications are available in both over-the- counter and prescription strengths.

H2 receptor blockers do not provide the immediate relief of heartburn many people experience using antacids, but they provide up to 12 hours of relief once they start to work, reports Mayo Clinic. H2 blockers are available from several manufacturers and come in tablet, capsule, powder and suspension forms.

Proton pump inhibitors inhibit the stomach cells from producing gastric secretions and acid, according to Drugs.com. They are useful in treating ulcers and heartburn.

While antacids do not reduce the production of stomach acid, they neutralize it once it forms. The neutralization process is a quick way to experience relief of heartburn, indicates Mayo Clinic. Their use does not heal the damage caused by acid reflux and sometimes causes undesirable side effects.

While lifestyle changes do not reduce or neutralize the stomach acid, they often help to reduce its effect on the body. Losing weight, avoiding tight clothes and eating smaller meals reduces the pressure on the stomach to keep the acid out of the esophagus, according to Mayo Clinic. Elevating the head of the bed is also helpful for people who suffer nighttime heartburn. Avoiding foods that trigger heartburn helps to reduce acid reflux.