What Are the Treatments for Collapsed Lungs?


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Needle aspiration, bed rest, chest tube insertion and oxygen supplementation are nonsurgical treatments for collapsed lungs, as stated by Healthline. Pleurodesis is a procedure performed surgically or chemically that both treats and prevents collapsed lung recurrences. Lobectomy, thoracotomy and simple thoracoscopy are surgery procedures for collapsed lungs.

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Bed rest is the typical treatment for a collapsed lung in a small area, according to Healthline. Rest allows the body to heal, and doctors use this time to observe the lung. Oxygen supplementation is provided if a collapsed lung causes oxygen levels in the body to drop.

Needle aspiration and a chest tube insertion suction unneeded air from the chest that occurs during a collapsed lung, states Healthline. Thoracotomy is a surgical procedure that involves an incision into the lung membrane, lobectomy is the removal of a section of the lung, and simple thoracotomy is the surgical insertion of a scope into the wall of the chest.

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