What Are the Best Treatments for Collagenous Colitis?


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Treatments for collagenous colitis involve eating the right diet, using medication and having a surgical operation for severe cases. In some situations, the condition can clear up on its own without treatment, as stated by WebMD. A patient may also be advised to stop any medication that may be triggering symptoms.

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Collagenous colitis patients are usually advised to eat food that contain low-fat and low-fiber to help in easing diarrhea. If this fails to work, the doctor may prescribe several medications, including anti-inflammatory medications, immune system suppressants, anti-diarrhea medications and drugs that block bile acids, according to Mayo Clinic. Over-the-counter medication, such as Pepto-Bismol and Imodium, mesalamine and sulfasalazine are usually used to reduce swelling. Following the doctor's advice while using medication is essential in speeding recovery.

In cases where change in lifestyle and medications fail to work, the doctor may recommend a surgical operation, which involves the removal of the colon or a portion of it. However, surgical operation is not a common treatment option for this condition. Proper diagnosis is necessary to identify the causes of diarrhea before surgery is considered. Ideally, medical treatment works well for most people suffering from this condition, as stated by WebMD.

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