What Are the Treatments for Chickenpox?


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Treatments for chickenpox primarily focus on treating the symptoms unless the condition has spread to the lungs or the brain, in which prescription medications such as Zovirax and Varizig are administered to shorten the duration of the symptoms, explains WebMD. Home remedies to treat chickenpox include applying calamine lotion to the sores, soaking in an oatmeal bath to reduce itching, and taking Tylenol to reduce fever associated with the condition.

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Physicians may also recommend antihistamines such as Benadryl or Zyrtec to help control or reduce swelling, pain and itching, according to WebMD. In extreme cases, antibiotics may be prescribed if the patient develops a skin infection or excess bacteria on the skin. All cases of chickenpox should be reported to a health care professional to evaluate if the patient needs an examination.

Measures to reduce itching are also recommended as treatment, such as trimming the fingernails to eliminate the ability to itch sores that can develop into blisters when irritated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Chickenpox symptoms do not always need treatment unless an underlying health condition exists, such as a weakened immune system or pregnancy. Individuals who experience symptoms such as a stiff neck, frequent vomiting, shortness of breath or a severe cough should seek medical attention immediately.

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