What Are Some Treatments for Cervical Polyps?


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The most common way to treat cervical polyps is to remove them during a pelvic exam, explains WebMD. To do this, the doctor twists the polyp and ties it or cuts it off with special forceps. Treatment for cervical polyps is only done if necessary.

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Cervical polyps usually occur in women over the age of 20 who have been pregnant several times, according to WebMD. The discovery of these polyps usually occurs during a pelvic exam, and typically only a single polyp appears. The only reason to remove a polyp is if it is bleeding, irregular or large.

The cause of cervical polyps is not understood, as of 2015, though they may occur due to infection, long-term inflammation or due to an increase of estrogen levels, claims WebMD. They also may occur due to a congestion of blood vessels in the canal leading to the cervix.

The most common symptom of cervical polyps is abnormal bleeding from the vagina, but most often, polyps do not have symptoms, states WebMD. This bleeding may occur between periods, following menopause or after sexual intercourse. The bleeding may also occur following douching. These polyps may become inflamed, but they rarely become infected. If this occurs, however, white or yellow mucus or vaginal discharge may occur.

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