What Treatments Can a Doctor Provide for Finger Numbness?


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Treatment options for finger numbness resulting from carpal tunnel syndrome include taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, wearing splints at night, receiving steroids or undergoing surgery or cold laser therapy, according to Spine-health. To treat numb fingers due to rheumatoid arthritis, doctors typically recommend lifestyle changes, exercise routines, traditional medications or biologics.

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In rare cases, surgery is necessary to treat finger numbness caused by rheumatoid arthritis, states Spine-health. Treatment choices for finger numbness resulting from cervical radiculopathy include cervical degenerative disc disease treatment, spine surgery or chiropractic manipulation.

Cold laser therapy involves the use of handheld devices called cold lasers, which doctors place directly on the affected body part for 30 seconds up to several minutes, explains Spine-health. The lasers emit nonthermal photons of light, which help normalize damaged tissue, thus reducing pain, inflammation and swelling.

It is essential that a patient has the correct diagnosis before starting treatment, as the common causes of finger numbness typically have similar symptoms, notes Spine-health. Individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome often experience numbness in the middle finger, index and thumb, particularly at night. Patients with cervical radiculopathy usually experience painful, weak or numb fingers or hand, whereas those with rheumatoid arthritis suffer a numb, tingling or burning sensation in the hands or feet.

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