What Are Some Treatments for a Buzzing Noise in the Head?


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A buzzing noise in the head, which has no external source, can be tinnitus. The causes for tinnitus can include an ear problem, the use of certain medications, Meniere's disease, hearing loss due to aging, loud noise, hypertension and a head injury, as noted by Mayo Clinic. Because there are so many possible causes for tinnitus, the treatment options can include treating the underlying medical condition, cognitive behavior therapy, masking, biofeedback, and noise suppression, as suggested by Harvard Medical School.

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If tinnitus is due to a medical condition like a vascular problem, earwax blockage or a medication, then a doctor can treat the underlying condition, remove the wax buildup or change the patient's medication, as stated by Mayo Clinic. For other people that experience tinnitus and do not have an underlying condition, a possible treatment option is noise suppression to reduce the buzzing sound. The different methods to reduce noise are through a hearing aid and electronic masking devices that produce white noise.

Although tinnitus cannot be cured through drugs, doctors may prescribe medications that may lessen severe tinnitus symptoms, as reported by Mayo Clinic. Some other treatment approaches used for tinnitus are biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy and tinnitus retraining therapy, as explained by Harvard Medical School. These behavioral therapies involve treating a person's reaction to tinnitus by giving him coping mechanisms.

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