What Are Some Treatments for a Burning Sensation in Your Leg?


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Burning sensations in the legs can be treated with over-the-counter medications, stretching, hot and cold packs, exercise and weight loss, suggests the Mayo Clinic. Treatments vary depending on the underlying cause of the pain.

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Burning pain in the thigh and leg can be caused by meralgia paresthetica, a condition where a nerve is compressed or damaged, the Mayo Clinic explains. There are many causes of this issue, among which are neuropathy or nerve damage from alcoholism and diabetes. It can also occur to individuals who are overweight because the extra bulk puts pressure on the nerve. Some of the best remedies include getting plenty of exercise, losing weight and wearing loose clothing.

Sciatica is another condition caused by nerve problems, states the Mayo Clinic. In this case, the sciatic nerve in the back is injured or damaged, causing pain and burning sensations in the legs. Stretching the legs and treating them with heat or cold can help to relieve pain. Because sciatica occurs due to a herniated disk or other injury, it usually resolves itself with proper home care within a few weeks. Sometimes physical therapy helps to rehabilitate the nerve after the injury has healed. Surgery is an option for treatment, but only in severe cases.

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