What Are the Treatments for Bone and Ligament Damage in the Knee?


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Severely damaged bones and ligaments around the knee require surgery to reattach the ligaments to the areas from which they were torn, according to WebMD. Damage to the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments may not be reversed through surgery, and mild tears require basic treatments to heal.

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To assess the damage fully, the doctor requires a full medical screening that includes X-rays and MRI scans, claims WebMD. Treatment for knees that receive mild damage to the ligament includes rest and elevation whenever possible and the use of crutches when walking. Icing the knee for a duration of 20 to 30 minutes in increments of three to four hours over the course of two to three days, wearing an elastic bandage and taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as directed by a doctor are the steps to take to reduce swelling.

Wearing a knee brace and performing certain stretches may stabilize and strengthen the ligament throughout the healing process.

Doctors may be able to reconstruct anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injuries using tendons from the leg or a cadaver, claims WebMD. Reconstructing torn ACL and PCLs is not always possible, and if the pain is not severe, the doctor may suggest a specialized brace or additional treatment options.

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