What Are Some Treatments for a Blister on a Toe?


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One treatment for a toe blister is to place a bandage on it if it is just irritated and not too painful. When the blister is painful, then draining it may relieve the pain, notes Mayo Clinic.

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Toe blisters are small sacs filled with fluid that form due to some type of friction. For a blister that is red and irritated, it is useful to protect it by placing a moleskin or bandage over it, states WebMD. For a toe blister that causes pain and has formed a bubble-like sac, draining it is an option, but certain precautions are necessary when doing this at home.

  1. Drain the blister under hygienic conditions
  2. Wash the hands, place iodine on the affected spot and clean a needle with some rubbing alcohol.

  3. Pierce and then care for the blister
  4. Use the sterilized needle to pierce the blister at its edge and then drain it. Leave the loose flap of skin intact over it, dab some Vaseline on it and apply a bandage over the area. Change the bandage and apply the ointment daily until it heals, as noted by Mayo Clinic.

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