What Are Some Treatments for Bartholin Cysts?


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Bartholinメs cysts are often harmless and symptom-free, making treatment unnecessary, according to Mayo Clinic. If a cyst is small or mildly infected, doctors may recommend soaking in a warm bath a few times a day to help the cyst rupture. Doctors can also surgically drain a large or infected cyst.

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Recurring cysts are common in women under 40, so doctors rarely suggest draining when cysts occur without pain, Merck Manual Consumer Version states. When surgery is necessary, a doctor can make an incision in the cyst and insert a catheter to permanently rerouted fluid from the ducts to the vulva surface. Another option, known as marsupialization, involves surgically stitching the cyst edges to the vulva to allow fluid drainage.

When a patient has a severe cyst infection or sexually transmitted disease, doctors typically prescribe antibiotics, according to Mayo Clinic. In rare cases, doctors perform surgery to remove a Bartholinメs gland that doesnメt respond to other treatment.

Bartholinメs cysts form near the vaginal opening when the ducts in Bartholinメs glands are blocked, causing a buildup of mucus, Merck Manual Consumer Version notes. A large cyst can trigger pain or discomfort, especially during activities that cause friction, such as sexual intercourse or walking. Doctors advise women over 40 to seek medical attention for a cyst, whether or not symptoms are present.

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