What Treatments Are Available for Tourette's Syndrome?


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Treatments available for Tourette's syndrome include the use of medications to control and minimize symptoms, according to Mayo Clinic. Other treatments include non-medicinal options, such as psychotherapy, behavior therapy and deep-brain stimulation.

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Many cases of Tourette's syndrome do not require treatment, particularly if the symptoms are mild. However, more serious cases are treatable with medications such as Haldol, Orap, Prolixin, Catapres and Tenex, notes WebMD. Psychotherapy helps Tourette's syndrome sufferers cope with the condition by learning how to deal with the issues that symptoms may cause, notes Mayo Clinic. Behavior therapy helps the patient learn to identify the onset of an episode before it occurs and adjust her behavior to reduce event frequency. Deep-brain stimulation involves implanting a device into the brain and delivering electrical stimulation to control movement, and is generally considered an option only when other treatments do not work.

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